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Intelligent Precision Healthcare Convergence

Location #86315, N Center 3F
Address Seobu-ro 2066, Jangan-gu, 16419, Suwon, Republic of Korea
Telephone +82-31-299-4429
Biomedical Engineering

Education Objectives

- Building an education-research hub in the field of future precision medicine based on the core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution

- Interdisciplinary education

- Shared growth between research and education

- International global leaders

- Novel industry-specific leaders based on close field cooperation


Guide and introduction

Future medical trends have been constantly changing based on the hyper-connective, aging society and rapid enhancement in the medical welfare with the coming of the 4th industrial revolution. Modern medical technologies and services that are mainly conducted by medical institutions, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals have problems with high cost and low efficiency. In order to prepare for the 4th industrial revolution and changing medical trends, and establish a foundational service with low cost and high efficiency, we need to expand research in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, medical devices, 3D printing, targeted treatment, and artificial living organisms.


The department of Intelligent Precision Healthcare Convergence was established in order to satisfy the needs of this changing environment. We aim to help students grow into global interdisciplinary leaders who appreciate the shared growth between education and research. Our faculty comes from various academic fields, such as biomedical enginnering, biophysics, digital health, and medical science, and have become the core of translational research in engineering/technology and medicine/clinical fields. 


Future Vision and Career

An ultra-aged society is underway and the intelligent precision healthcare sector, which is based on core technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, is emerging as a promising industry.
The size of the high value-added precision medical market continues to expand.
Employment is possible in various fields such as universities, research institutes, public institutions, start-ups, and global companies.