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Energy Science

Location #86371, N Center 3F
Address Seobu-ro 2066, Jangan-gu, 16419, Suwon, Republic of Korea
Telephone +82-31-299-4272


Education Objectives

  • researchers capable of creating new energy concepts
    • Comprehensive understanding of the basic and applied scientific and engineering areas of production, storage, transformation and distribution of new concept energy and response to the rapidly growing demand for energy-related workforce through the development of new technologies.
  • Creative Convergence Technology Engineer
    • To foster practical skills with the expertise to significantly improve the latest convergence technology competitiveness and energy sector technologies required by energy-based industries
  • Global leader in policy
    • Training talent for use in domestic and international energy organizations by fostering global talent through systematic energy education in order to acquire the full range of energy related expertise


Guide and introduction

In the 21st century, the world recognized that the survival of human society was directly related to the problems of the global environment and that the key to solving those environmental problems was to solve them. Each country is seeking a breakthrough in new technology, including understanding the seriousness of the problem and securing original technology in the energy science field or focusing on developing future eco-friendly technologies. Despite the desperate need to establish an energy science department in universities, the number of departments opened in a combined field of basic science - engineering - social science is very limited globally, and thus it is urgently needed to quickly secure global leadership in establishing departments in energy science and in fostering creative global talent to lead the resolution of energy problems. The Department of Energy and Science, which was established in the second semester of 2009, selects students in the master's and doctorate courses in the form of a general graduate school based on the perception of the global energy crisis and the need for new energy.


Future vision and career

Through its new concept of energy, combined education and research, the course aims to create breakthrough research achievements that can serve as a center for globalization spreading around the world and provide a breakthrough in the global energy crisis. In fact, the design of large-scale systems related to energy and the study of convergence technologies with diverse fields using materials and devices are very important areas and technology gaps with advanced countries are currently small, which makes it highly likely to secure domestic source technologies. The development of next-generation energy technologies is not only an important factor for the survival of mankind, but also a vital factor for the creation of economic high value-added industries. In addition, the government can expect to solve global environmental problems through the expansion of cheap and clean green energy to improve the cultural life and welfare level of the people and further resolve the energy problem. Overall education and research across energy science will foster high-quality professionals to respond to energy-related workforce demands. After graduation, students are expected to complete additional graduate programs, advance into education, research institutes in energy fields, government agencies related to policies, and enter industry.