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Futurologists anticipate severe social differentiations in the future and insist that the paradigm of science/technology, industry, and social development will shift to the convergence of natural science-humanities, digital-analog, and rationality-emotion. It is certain that the keywords for the solution of future society and global issues are; Innovation & Convergence, as modern times are demanding problem-solving abilities based on convergence thinking, beyond the boundaries of study and industry.

Therefore, the Institute of Convergence offers departments and majors which contribute to this new way of thinking in the modern society. Below are links to each department and their details.

Programs & Degree Finder

Programs & Degree Finder
Discipline Bachelor Master Ph.D Combined Bachelor-Master Combined Master-Ph.D
Global Biomedical Engineering O O O O O
Energy Science (Interdisciplinary) O        
Intelligent Precision Healthcare Convergence   O O O O
Energy Science O O O O O
Biophysics   O O O O
Future Energy Engineering   O O O O
MetaMioHealth   O O O O
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